March 1, 2008

Shining the Spotlight on Food and Nutrition

March is National Nutrition Month® and this year Dietitians of Canada is shining the "Spotlight on Food and Nutrition."

National Nutrition Month® brings public awareness to the valuable contribution that healthy eating makes to overall health. It's a great opportunity for all of us to think about how we can eat healthier, be more active and feel great. Dietitians are the most trusted source of accurate, reliable nutrition information and they provide practical solutions that will put us on the right road to better health.

National Nutrition Month® Challenge

Wise food choices play an important role in reducing your risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and osteoporosis. Daily physical activity is needed to stay healthy and you'll benefit from improved fitness, self-esteem and an overall sense of well being.

Take Dietitians of Canada's National Nutrition Month® Challenge and make postive changes to your eating habits and lives - for yourself and for the whole family.

Face the Facts

In 2004, nearly one-quarter of Canadian adults were obese and an additional one-third were overweight. That's over 14 million adults carrying excess weight!  The numbers are just as alarming for youth - 26% of Canadian children and teens aged 2 to 17 were overweight or obese.

Dietitians of Canada's Top 10 List of healthy eating ideas and activities - is what you need to know to help you make positive lifestyle changes. By following these simple tips, you'll be well on your way to eating well and feeling better.

Dietitians Top 10 List: What You Need to Know

  1. Want to feel your best?  Eat well and get physical!
  2. Benefit from balance - challenge  and support family members to achieve and maintain healthy weights
  3. Quality counts - whether at home, school, work or play, keep healthy food choices top of mind!
  4. Give your food portions a makeover - tune in to moderation in serving sizes
  5. Colour your world with vegetables and fruit!
  6. Be a savvy shopper - get the nutrition facts on foods from the label
  7. Make meal time a family affair!
  8. Healthy eating is more than a flash in the pan - it's a lifetime commitment
  9. Make your 'go to' place for trusted nutrition information and fun healthy eating ideas!
  10. Have a food or nutrition question?  Ask a Registered Dietitian

Healthy Eating is More than just a Flash in the Pan - It's a 'ifetime Commitment

Make a change for the better with your food intake. Experiment with adding nuts, seeds and legumes to salads to improve fibre intake and set a goal of serving fish twice a week to get more healthy fats. Add one new vegetable or fruit as a snack to boost your antioxidant intake. The options are endless - do it your way, slowly but steadily, until it becomes a habit.

Have a Food or Nutrition Question?  Ask a Registered Dietitian!

Visit for trusted nutrition information and fun healthy eating ideas. You'll also find a wide variety of tips and interactive tools to help you eat well, live well. Find out the nutrients in your favourite recipes with the Recipe Analyzer; get a personal assessment of your daily food and activity choices with EATracker; learn more about nutrition labelling in a virtual grocery store; and build a one-day menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Dietitians of Canada is the national voice of almost 6,000 dietitians across the country. To find a Registered Dieitian, simply go to, or ask your doctor for a referral. You can also contact your local public health department or community health centre or call the Dietitians of Canada Consulting Dietitians Network toll free at 1-888-901-7776.

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