Third B of breast health: be informed

Reduce your risk with info from

Reduce your risk with info from

Winnipeg Health Region
Published Monday, September 30, 2013

While readily available health information has empowered and informed health consumers, it's also raised their fear levels. Particularly when announcements are being made frequently about the latest drug, latest research or superfood you need to eat that promises to be the answer to virtually all your health questions.

What information can you trust?

Information provided at the Breast Health Centre website helps take the guessing out of the equation. After discussion and debate around current breast health issues, breast health experts come to agreement on what needs to be communicated around important health and wellness issues for not only people hoping to reduce their risk of breast cancer and improve their health, but also for people living with or having overcome their experience with breast cancer.

"We keep up-to-date with the latest research by regularly reviewing the literature," says Beth Szuck, Registered Dietitian. "We base our advice on the findings from research that shows some consistency and agreement. We help people make sense of all the messages they are hearing. By looking at the different sources of information, we provide solid advice based on the best available evidence. Otherwise, we'd be constantly changing what we're saying and people would no longer listen.

Checking what trusted sources like the American Institute for Cancer Research, the Canadian Cancer Society, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation are saying on any given topic is also part of the process, Szuck explains.

"People's time is precious. Most of us are spread so thinly, we need to put our energy where it counts. I don't give advice unless I feel it's solid and will make a difference in a person's health," says Szuck.

The Breast Health Centre's website was revamped in 2010 and reorganized to be more user-friendly. Since then, resources are constantly being added to the website with careful attention being given to not only new resources being developed to help support people in health, but also how they like to receive their information. Before and after surgery information sessions, for example, are now available online via youtube. Education packages previously printed and mailed are now available for download, allowing for additional convenience and helping reduce the environmental impact of print materials.

The Winnipeg Health Region's website is also an important source of the latest health information. Along with the Region's latest developments, also offers health information via timely web articles and Wave, a magazine that is also available online.

The Region's website also allows you to search for important resources that can help support you in your journey for health. Searching health topics of relevance to you and your family, or looking for a health care provider is possible from your computer.

The Winnipeg Health Region's website - which has recently updated for easier navigation - is also an important source of the latest health information. Along with the Region's latest developments, also offers health information via timely web articles and Wave, a magazine that is also available online.

Have questions?

There is free nutrition information at Dial-a-Dietitian. When you call 204-788-8248 or toll-free: 1-877-830-2892, you can speak to a registered dietitian to get answers about food and nutrition.

The staff at the Breast Health Centre is available to answer questions and provide information on services and supports. Visit us at 100-400 Tache Avenue. You can also call us at 204-235-3906 or phone toll-free: 1-888-501-5219.

Additional credible sources for information

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