Health Professionals

Accessing Medical Assistance in Dying

Advice for health professionals

It is important for all health-care providers in Manitoba to be aware of the requirements and processes associated with medical assistance in dying, and their individual responsibilities.




Social Workers

No health provider is compelled to provide medical assistance in dying directly, however all physicians and facilities in Manitoba must provide any patient requesting the service with timely access to a resource that can provide accurate information. The minimum requirements for conscience-based objection must be followed as outlined by the CPSM bylaw.

Physicians and other health-care providers who are approached by patients or their families inquiring about medical assistance in dying:

  • should connect with the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) or the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) in their facility, who will then contact the CMO of the WRHA and the MAID team
  • may provide an information pamphlet which can be printed on site and provided to those seeking information on medical assistance in dying
  • may direct those seeking information on medical assistance in dying to or via email at

Any health professional seeking information to better inform their practice, or wishing to share information, make inquiries or express concerns, please contact the MAID team directly.

Educational resources are being developed. In the interim please see the following presentations for further information:

University of Manitoba Internal Medicine Grand Rounds: Medical Assistance in Dying  – What, Who, Where, When, How & Why

Community Cancer Care 2016 Conference: Anticipating and Addressing Clinical Challenges at the End of Life