Health Professionals

Advice for health professionals

No health care provider is compelled to provide or participate in medical assistance in dying, however all health providers have professional responsibilities specific to their regulatory bodies.  It is important for all health care providers in Manitoba to be aware of the legal requirements and processes associated with medical assistance in dying, and their professional responsibilities.


NOTE: Physicians in Manitoba must provide any patient requesting information regarding medical assistance in dying with timely access to a resource that can provide accurate information about MAID and make available the patient’s chart and relevant information.



Social Workers

Health care providers who are approached by patients or their families inquiring about medical assistance in dying:

  • may contact and/or send a referral to the provincial medical assistance in dying clinical team
  • may provide an information pamphlet to those seeking information on medical assistance in dying
  • may direct those seeking information on medical assistance in dying to the website, email or phone at 204-926-1380 or toll free 1-844-891-1825
  • may refer patients to Health Links - Info Santé for more information (Health Links - Info Santé is a telephone-based information service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 204-788-8200, or toll-free at 1-888-315-9257)
  • should be aware of their facility policies which may include informing a supervisor, Chief Medical Officer (CMO)  or Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)

Please see the Standards of Practice page for an online overview of Medical Assistance in Dying for Health Care Providers in Manitoba.

Please see the Resources page for papers, presentations and other educational content.