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Contracting Services

Contracting Services provides regional contracting services for the WRHA and participating health care sites. The contracting staff facilitate the contract development process for regional requirements for supplies, services, and equipment providing the quality and best value.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer professional and valued support services which:

  • Contributes to improvements in the provision of healthcare;
  • Provides a customer focused and innovative approach to contracting;
  • Ensures a high level of quality and service excellence;
  • Promotes a strong relationship with the supplier community;
  • Fosters an integrated approach to supply chain management.

Contract Development Processes

In accordance with the WRHA Purchasing Policy, all financial commitments valued at $25,000 or over must be managed by Logistics Services. For any consumables, service, or equipment under $25,000 it is the responsibility of the site Materiel Management departments to manage.

Contracting Services follows a process that allows for consultation and ensures compliance when establishing regional contracts for supplies, services, and equipment. This process ensures the delivery of flexible, responsive and client focused contracting services in order to obtain standardized, high quality, cost effective equipment, supplies and services at the best delivered cost.

The seven steps in the contract development process are:

  1. Identification of Requirements
  2. Competitive Bid Document Development
  3. Issuance of the Competitive Bid
  4. Bid Evaluation
  5. Contract Award
  6. Contract Implementation
  7. Contract Award Monitoring