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Regional Strategic Plan

Before renovation takes place on a property or home, having a blueprint to guide the process is essential. Everyone clearly understands the direction, nuances and goals of a project.

A unified goal is pretty important when building or renovating and health care is no different. A common vision that’s widely shared is essential to make sure that our complex and dynamic health care system is working together to support the health of our community.

Much like the design and brainstorming phase of a renovation, in creating the Region's strategic plan, extensive consultation with both the general public and people who work in health care took place.

The Region’s Board of Directors was highly involved in the process of developing the strategic plan for 2016 – 2021, which was officially approved at its May 2015 meeting for release to Manitoba Health & Healthy living.

The strategic plan for 2016 – 2021

The changes

This strategic plan reflects some different elements worthy of noting:

  • an updated mission, vision and values
  • six strategic directions have been identified
  • operational strategies replace commitments
  • key performance indicators to measure progress

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority 2016-2021 Strategic Plan


To coordinate and deliver quality, caring services that promote health and well-being.


Healthy People, Vibrant Communities, Equitable Care for All


  • Dignity – as a reflection of the self-worth of every person
  • Care – as an unwavering expectation of every person
  • Respect – as a measure of the importance of every person
  • Equity – promote conditions in which every person can achieve their full health potential
  • Accountability – as being held responsible for the decision we make

Strategic Directions

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has six new strategic directions to guide the Region’s operations. They are:

  • Enhance Patient Experience
  • Improve Quality and Integration
  • Involve the Public
  • Advance Research and Education
  • Build Sustainability
  • Engage Service Providers

Operational Strategies

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has three operational strategies to guide the Region’s operations. They are:

  • Improve Patient Flow
  • Manage Resources
  • Improve Engagement

Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors requires regional health authorities in Manitoba to prepare a five-year strategic plan. These plans are based on each health region’s community health assessment, the unique characteristics of the health authority, the region or community it serves and the broader priorities of Manitoba Health.

Questions or feedback about the current or new strategic plan can be directed to Client Relations, 204-926-7825, or

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