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Home » Clinical Engineering » Advanced Capacities

Advanced Capacities

The Regional Clinical Engineering Program has the know-how to provide distinctive capacities in various areas of specialization. These capacities are achieved through collaborative teamwork.

Product and Process Evaluation

The Program applies engineering methods to perform product and process evaluations. These include assessment of medical devices and the impact of integrated technological solutions on clinical workflow. For more information, please contact Kyle Eckhardt, [email protected].

Program Development and Implementation

There are capacities to develop new service delivery programs through project management processes. One of the flagship capacities is development and implementation of medical device performance assurance program. For more information, regarding the general program development, please contact Tidimogo Gaamangwe, [email protected]. For information regarding the performance assurance program, please contact Agustina Krivoy, [email protected].

Surgical Instruments Lab

The surgical instruments modification and repair service is one of the leading capacities of the CE program. There are experienced precision certified (red seal) machinists to provide assessment of hard to clean instruments, custom fabrication, inspection, sharpening and repair service for a wide variety of surgical and laparoscopic instruments. For more information and terms of service, please contact Jean-Louis Sala, [email protected] or Kyle Eckhardt, [email protected].

3D Printing

The capacity to print parts for equipment and accessories has been enhanced by the acquisition of a 3D printer. This service is invaluable for expensive or difficult to access parts and prototyping for specific project/research needs. For more information and terms of service, please contact Ron Laurencelle, [email protected].

Equipment Service and Testing

The Program has a comprehensive testing and service facilities for a variety of medical and imaging equipment. There are experienced biomedical engineering technologists who provide specialized services. For more information and terms of service, please contact Ron Laurencelle, [email protected].

Physical Asset Management

The program is able to leverage the mature Medical Equipment Management Database (MEMDB) to help other organizations within the WRHA manage their physical assets. MEMDB can be used to simply to maintain a simple census of equipment, or for more sophisticated applications such as tracking the movement of equipment across multiple locations. There is also some capacity to develop custom reporting and interfaces to suit each individual organizations' needs. For more information, please contact Michael Hamilton, [email protected].

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