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Program Portfolios

To fulfill its mandate, Clinical Engineering (CE) Program provides efficient and effective management of a wide range of medical devices and technology in the WRHA acute care hospitals and long term care facilities. This includes most electro-medical equipment, imaging modalities, surgical instruments and related systems. Clinical Engineering provision of services is based on a broad range of objectives of which the primary ones are:

  • To provide prompt, timely and efficient on-site medical equipment support, which ensures high equipment availability and allows hospitals to provide uninterrupted patient care
  • To lead the integration of medical devices with computerized healthcare solutions
  • To provide services that enable safe and cost-effective utilization of medical technology
  • To provide decision support and strategies for technology acquisition and integration
  • To promote systems approach in technology management and the delivery of services
  • To participate in education, knowledge sharing and applied research initiatives
  • To support and complement current regional priority initiatives.

These objectives are achieved through a number of portfolios that cut across clinical programs. The portfolios facilitate focused delivery of services, not only for the day to day activities, but also for setting forward-looking strategic priorities for long-term development and sustainability of services.

  • Performance Assurance
  • Equipment Repair
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Incident Investigation
  • Recalls and Hazards
  • Management Reporting
  • Equipment Planning
  • Equipment Inventory Management
  • Database and Related Systems
  • Collaboration with Information and Communications Technology
  • Education, Research and Research Support
  • Custom Fabrication and Modification
  • Standards and Regulatory Compliance
  • Human Resources Development and Management
  • Technology Assessment
  • RF Spectrum Management
  • Quality and Risk Management
  • Configuration Management
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