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Home » Diabetes Service Directory » ACCESS River East

ACCESS River East

975 Henderson Highway
Winnipeg, MB R2K 4K7
Phone: 204-938‐5000
Fax: 204-938‐5449

Service Overview

The primary care clinic at ACCESS River East offers screening, diagnosis, medical management and education to help patients manage diabetes (Type 1, Type 2 and gestational) and other health conditions. The health care team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, a counselor, and a dietitian. If you would like to become a patient of the clinic or refer someone who is looking for a health care provider, please see below for eligibility.

Group Diabetes Management Classes are open to all River East residents with Type 2 Diabetes and their families. Sessions are held throughout the year (except June ‐ August, and December), and alternate between morning and evening. Please contact the clinic for class dates and times.

Individual Diabetes Management Counselling with a registered dietitian is available to any resident of the River East area, with a referral from your family physician.

Get Better Together! A program for living better with ongoing health conditions is delivered at this site. Get Better Together is a free 6‐week workshop designed to help Manitobans with ongoing health conditions take control of their health. An online version is also offered several times a year. For upcoming programs at locations across Winnipeg (and the province) go to: or call the central registration line at 204-632-3927.


Residents of the River East area who have postal codes starting with R2E, R2l, R2K, and R2G are eligible to become patients of the clinic. If you do not have a family physician or nurse practitioner and are interested in becoming a patient please call 204-786-7111.



Referral Process

  • Self‐referral
  • Referral from physician (MD), nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA)
  • Referral from other health care professional or social service agency

Diabetes Care, Education and Self-Management Support Services

  • Screening
  • Diagnosis
  • Insulin Starts
  • Group Diabetes Management Classes (on topics such as healthy eating, exercise, smoking cessation, medications, complications of diabetes, and testing blood sugar)
  • Individual Diabetes Management Counselling (on topics such as healthy eating, exercise, smoking cessation, medications, complications of diabetes, and testing blood sugar)
  • Family support

On‐site Care and Education Service Providers Available

  • Physician (MD) or Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  • Registered Nurse (Certified Diabetes Educator)
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Mental Health/Social Worker

Last updated: November 2020