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Home » Forms » WRHA Service Experience Survey

WRHA Service Experience Survey

Pour accéder le sondage en français, cliquez ici

Thank you for taking the WRHA Service Experience Survey!

We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve our services in order to provide the safest, highest quality care possible to those we serve, and promote the health and well-being of our community.

Every experience matters, and every one of our patients, residents and clients have a valuable perspective worth hearing. This is your chance to share those insights directly with your care providers, as well as decision makers within the system, as you're accessing our services.

Any feedback we receive through this survey that can be immediately actioned to improve your experience will be. The results will also be monitored over time to identify trends that may point to issues within specific areas that need our attention.

We appreciate you taking the time to share more about your experience within the WRHA.

To ensure your submission is accepted, please avoid using any special characters in the form below, such as: ! ' # $ % ^ & * ( ) ?, etc.

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