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FLS Goals to 2018

Enhance Francophone Patient Experience

Enhance the experience of Francophones within the health care system by identifying gaps in Active Offer, promoting the availability of service in French, and encouraging their use.

Improve Quality and Integration

Improve access to quality and safe care via the three principles of Continuity of Care: Informational continuity, relational continuity and management continuity.

Foster Public Engagement

Develop greater grassroots connections with francophone populations and community groups served by the WRHA to better understand their needs with the overall goal to improve their health and wellbeing.

Support a Positive Work Environment

Continue to develop a work environment that incorporates a francophone culture where bilingual employees are valued and supported.

Advance Education and Research

Work with stakeholders to further develop bilingual capacity within the region and align education to practice.

Build Sustainability

Continually review FLS programs and processes to ensure relevance and best efficiencies of time and financial resources.

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