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Home » French Language Services » FLS Five Year Plan » Development & Approval Process

Development & Approval Process

The process for the development and approval of FLS Plans for RHAs is the following:

Initial Development

  • Development of a draft strategic plan for French language services by the staff of the RHA in close cooperation with the Table régionale de concertation (regional round table).
  • Approval in principle by the RHA Management / Executive Committee and the Table régionale de concertation.

Preliminary Approval

  • Review of the draft strategic plan by the Table des gestionnaires (managerial round table) of the Conseil communauté en santé (CCS) with the participation of the Francophone Affairs Secretariat (FLS). The Table régionale de concertation and the RHA are consulted with respect to all amendments proposed by the Table des gestionnaires.
  • Submission by the Table des gestionnaires to the CCS board of directors of a recommendation to approve the plan.
  • Review and approval of the plan by the CCS board of directors. This is a high-level review with one of its main objectives being to ensure that all the steps in the process set out in this document have been followed.

Final Approval

  • Approval and signing of the plan by appropriate senior authority of the RHA.
  • Submission by the RHA to the Minister of Health and to the Minister responsible for French Language Services of the French language services plan signed by the RHA.
  • Approval of the plan by the Minister of Health and the Minister responsible for French Language Services.
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