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Home » Health Management Group Program Guide » Packing it in: Creating a Plan to Quit Smoking 

Packing it in: Creating a Plan to Quit Smoking

A 1-session overview of the steps to Quit Smoking successfully.

This class is a helpful introduction if you are interested in the longer Commit to Quit Program (5-part series). It is also helpful on its own as an overview of the steps recommended to stop smoking and stay quit.

Upcoming Sessions

No sessions are currently scheduled. Please check back, as sessions will be posted when available.

A recording of this session is available at: 

If you have questions about anything discussed, please see the Guide for a live session to attend, or contact the health professional that referred you to this program. You can also ask questions of your doctor or other regular healthcare provider.

When this session is delivered live, a video is typically shown. You may wish to watch it at the following link: 

Handouts and videos related to this presentation can be found at the following links:

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