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Guidelines for hospital visitors

The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is currently under Red/Critical under Manitoba's Pandemic Response System.

These restrictions impact hospital visitation.

At present, most inpatients are not permitted to have visitors under Red/Critical.

Limited exceptions are permitted for patients in active labour, nearing end of life, patients whose stay has exceeded 14 days or for pediatric patients. As well as for certain circumstances in Emergency and Urgent Care Departments where the safety of the patient relies on their accompanying person (for example, for medical history or communication).

If you or your loved one meets one of these exceptions, please contact the unit to arrange for visitation.

In the event that a visitor cannot accompany their loved one each department will make every effort to keep family apprised of their condition and any changes.

Visitors are NOT allowed in outpatient care areas (day surgery, ambulatory care, emergency department, dialysis, obstetrical triage, diagnostic imaging or laboratory services). Escorts will be allowed for special circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

All visitors will be screened prior to entry.

Visitors and outpatients are required to bring and wear a non-medical mask while in the hospital - except for children under the age of five, and on a case-by-case basis for individuals with medical reasons or those who are unable to wear a mask without the assistance of another person.

*Any airway opening (mouth, nose, stoma, tracheostomy) should be covered, either with a non-medical mask or for those with tracheostomy/stoma, with a bandana, scarf or other appropriate covering.

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