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Home » Health Care Heroes » Health Care Hero: Beckie Wood

Beckie Wood

Clinical Midwifery Specialist

Beckie Wood is a practicing Midwife and Clinical Midwifery Specialist for WRHA Midwifery Services at the Birth Centre in Winnipeg. With Midwifery Services having celebrated its 20th anniversary this past June 12, 2020, Beckie is proud to say that she has been part of this unique service since it began in Winnipeg.

Beckie participates at clinical tables within the WRHA and continues ensure that the midwives are able to use all of the skills they bring with them as they support expectant and laboring clients. Beckie heads the Provincial Table for Continuing Education for Midwives that allows midwives across the Province to connect and learn together.

Beckie has been instrumental in the Birth Centre's COVID-19 planning and implementation ensuring that the clinical needs of midwives and their clients are met. Thank you Beckie for your experience and reassuring, smiling face that is true to your favourite words: we'll make it work!

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