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Dr. Grant Goldberg

Family Physician and Site Medical Lead, ACCESS Fort Garry

Dr. Grant Goldberg is a well-respected family physician and site medical lead at ACCESS Fort Garry Primary Care Clinic.

Dr. Goldberg works every day with a dedicated team of family physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, primary care nurses, allied health staff, primary care assistants and managers to ensure that patients receive accessible, high quality, comprehensive and continuous care. He has been instrumental in supporting the development and implementation of the COVID-19 testing and assessment sites that serve the community during the pandemic.

Dr. Goldberg's leadership and medical expertise in clinical care has helped strengthen the compassion, quality and integrity of the health care system - a passion his colleagues say has been particularly evident during this challenging time.

Working collaboratively and communicating effectively is key to providing quality care to patients at any time, but especially so during the pandemic when community needs are changing on a day to day basis. With a characteristic brand strong medical expertise and leadership, Dr. Goldberg has worked with other family physicians and health system leaders to effectively meet patient needs.

We are very grateful and proud of all the contributions made by Dr. Goldberg to support patients every day.

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