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Home » Health Care Heroes » Health Care Hero: Jill Bobczynski

Jill Bobczynski

Cashier/Receptionist, Victoria General Hospital

Jill Bobczynski is a Cashier/Receptionists in Visitor Information at Victoria General Hospital (VGH) - also known as a switchboard operator. Switchboard operators at VGH are indispensable. They connect staff patients with the outside world, welcome and direct visitors and connect staff with one another. They page overhead codes and important messages, and they connect with individuals on call so that patient care is never put on hold.

At times like these, keeping up with the latest information is a challenge, but the whole Visitor Information team has risen to the task. They stay up-to-date on regional and provincial news and emails and share information with each other to ensure they're able to help anyone who calls - staff, patient or visitor! They also know the importance of customer service, and just how much a calm and friendly voice can help uplift people.

Jill is also currently a student in the Psychiatric Nursing program through Brandon University. She hopes to continue her career in the VGH Mental Health Program upon graduation.

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