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Home » Health Care Heroes » Health Care Hero: Lori Jorgenson

Lori Jorgenson

Spiritual Health Practitioner/Chaplain, Concordia Hospital

Lori Jorgenson has been working at Concordia Hospital as a Spiritual Health Practitioner/Chaplain for the past five years. Her diverse training in history, psychology and counseling, part of her Masters of Divinity, has been of great service to patients and their families.

Representing Concordia's values of care and compassion, Lori takes a non-denominational approach to her duties, and meets patients where they are at on their spiritual journey. She is present to support hope, resilience, peace and seek meaning with her patients, during the good times and the strange.  She is a compassionate listener and a source of spiritual counsel that is deeply appreciated by patients, families and staff alike. 

With visitor restrictions currently in effect across the province, Lori spends a significant amount of time being present with patients and helping them stay connected with family members through technology. Her technological prowess has grown from phone and teleconferencing to videoconferencing with the hospital's iPad purchased for patients.

While technology can be a valuable tool, Lori has found that, very often, the simple act listening to her patients, and their families, is an effective means of lightening their burdens.

We are very grateful to have someone like Lori as part of the health care team.

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