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Deer Lodge Centre

2109 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3J 0L3
Tel: 204-837‐1301
Fax: 204-889‐0430

Deer Lodge Centre is the largest Rehabilitation and Long Term Care Centre in Manitoba, with 431 beds. The Centre operates a wide variety of inpatient and community based programs, such as Assessment and Rehabilitation, Personal Care Home, Chronic Care, Respiratory Chronic Care, and Geriatric Mental Health. Of the 235 Personal Care beds, 140 are designated for eligible veterans. Deer Lodge Centre works collaboratively with Residents and their families to achieve the mission of “Making Lives Better.”

Long Term Care Access Centre
The Long Term Care Access Centre is responsible for scheduling panel dates, ensuring clients have access to long term care services that are most appropriate to their needs and maintaining waiting lists for personal care homes/long term care programs.
Contact the Long Term Care Access Centre at 204-940-8670.

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