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Find a Dietitian

For general nutrition questions call:

Dial-a-Dietitian is here to answer questions and provide easy-to-use advice on food and nutrition to assist Manitobans and their families to eat well, live well and stay healthy. Callers will be connected to a registered dietitian, who will help guide callers to make the best decisions based on their needs. Dial-a-Dietitian is shaping the future of eating and healthy living for all Manitobans.

Want to meet with a dietitian?

For an appointment with a dietitian:

  • If you have private health insurance, find a private practice dietitian here
  • If you live in Winnipeg and do not have private health insurance, complete this self-referral to be connected to a community dietitian in your area.

Self-referral form only if you do not have private insurance:

To avoid security issues, please do not use "special characters" in form fields (eg. !, @, ', #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), ?, etc.).


Note: it may take up to six-eight weeks before you are contacted regarding an appointment if you have not heard back in that time call 204-654-6552.

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