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Home » Nutrition and Food Services » Manitoba Home Nutrition Program

Manitoba Home Nutrition Program

The Manitoba Home Nutrition Program is a home based program of both short and long term duration that supports clients who require nutrition or hydration support, either to supplement oral intake or to completely replace oral intake by either tube feeding, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) or Intravenous Hydration.

The MHNP is a centralized specialty interdisciplinary team managed by a Home Care Team Manager and a Clinical Nutrition Manager. The MHNP team consists of dietitians, nurses and a Medical Director. This is the single point of entry for both pediatric and adult clients needing home tube feeding or home parenteral nutrition.

The program has been expanding since it was first established in 1991. It was transferred from Acute Care to Community under the Home Care Program in 2004.

The mandate of MHNP is to:

  • Deliver community-based nutrition support services to Manitobans who cannot meet their nutritional needs by oral means.
  • Assist and empower clients to maximize their nutritional status in order to live a full and productive life.
  • Provide training, monitoring and support to clients, their families and other Health Care Providers in the delivery of home enteral nutrition, parenteral nutrition and hydration support.
  • Provide consultation services for clients who access medical services in Winnipeg but who live outside of Manitoba (Manitoba Health and Healthy Living Policy # HCS 207.24).

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