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Look out!

November 24, 2017 – Falls are a major health issue in Winnipeg. People who suffer serious injuries due to falls can experience a reduction in quality of life and independence. Older adults injured in a fall can spend an average of 10 days longer in hospital than they would for any other cause.

Stay connected

September 22, 2017 – When winter arrives, people sometimes start to fall back into a fast-paced routine of work, school, or structured activities. This routine and busy lifestyle can result in less time to socialize and may become isolating. Making the time to come together with others is very important for our health and well-being. Studies show that healthy social connections are an essential aspect of our physical and mental health, and can, in fact, contribute to a longer life.

Unfreeze that shoulder

June 9, 2017 – Treatment can alleviate symptoms and help prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

Relax and enjoy

December 16, 2016 – There are common holiday stressors that we can anticipate and the key is to develop a plan in advance to manage them. Having a plan helps us keep things in perspective and supports us to stay in the moment.

How much sleep does your child need?

September 24, 2014 – Children who get enough sleep are less likely to have behaviour problems and moodiness. They often develop better memory, concentration, and longer attention spans. With plenty of sleep, they may also recover from illness faster.

Sore throat vs. Strep throat

March 21, 2014 – Sore throat is a common symptom that ranges in severity from just a sense of scratchiness to severe pain. Pharyngitis is the medical term for sore throat.

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