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Your COVID-19 immunization record

Once you receive your COVID-19 vaccination, you can request a copy of your vaccination record or register for a provincial immunization card.

Below is more information on how to access your COVID-19 immunization record.

Please note, the WRHA cannot assist with requests for provincial immunization cards. Currently, the only way to register for an immunization card is online through Shared Health, or by calling
1-844-626-8222. Click here for more information.

How do I get a copy of my COVID-19 immunization record?

You can access your COVID-19 immunization record online through Shared Health at To access your record online, you must have a Manitoba Health Card and an email address. The website takes some time to update—it may take up to 10 days for your vaccination record to be available online.

If you are not able to access your immunization record via the Shared Health Portal, you can call
1-844-626-8222 to request a copy.

You can also complete the online request form at

Please allow a minimum of three working days from the time of their immunization before calling or submitting a form to allow time for the record to be entered and uploaded into the Shared Health system.

If you require further assistance with your request, you can email [email protected].

Please note that because of the increased number of people in our region who have had their COVID-19 vaccinations, there is an increased volume of records requests, and as a result there may be processing delays.

I received my COVID vaccine out of province or out of country. How can I get this on my Immunization Record?

You can complete the request online at Please note, you will first need to obtain proof of immunization/documentation from the jurisdiction where you were vaccinated, as you will be required to include a scanned copy or picture of your COVID-19 vaccination record with this request.

If you do not have access to the technology to complete the form, you can call 1-844-626-8222 to request changes to your record.

You can also contact the Public Health team at your local ACCESS Centre and make arrangements to mail, fax or drop off a copy of your immunization documents and health card. Once they receive this information, they will send it to Shared Health to add to your immunization record.

A list of ACCESS Centres, their service areas and contact information is available at

Please ensure you include contact information with any documents delivered to your local public health office.

Do I still need to apply to get my Immunization Card if both my COVID vaccines are on my Immunization Record?

Fully-vaccinated individuals can now schedule social visits with fully-vaccinated Personal Care Home residents and inpatients at acute care sites. Proof of immunization is required, and can be provided in the form of an immunization record or the provincial immunization card. More information is available here.

I am having issues with the Shared Health COVID-19 Online Result and Immunization Display (SH-CORD)

If you are having technical difficulties, do not see COVID test results, vaccinations, or updated vaccinations, or any other issue with the Shared Health COVID-19 Online Result and Immunization Display, please use this help form to submit a description of the issue.

Please note that WRHA Client Relations, the public health teams at our ACCESS Centres and the WRHA Immunization Records Clerk do not have access to assist with any information contained in the Shared Health portal, and are not able to assist with technical difficulties. 

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