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Geriatric Mental Health

Geriatric Mental Health (GMH) refers to the multidisciplinary practice in the assessment and treatment of mental illness or impairment of the older adult from a bio-psycho-social perspective. It primarily encompasses functional disorders or organic disorders.

It focuses primarily on persons who experience their first onset of mental illness around the age of 65 or over. Individuals under 65 whose cognitive impairment is related to a disease associated with aging may also be more appropriately served by GMH care. As well, there are individuals who have experienced mental illness during their lifetime who may require the specialized services of GMH in their advanced years.

There is also a group of elderly persons whose behaviour may be psychiatric in nature that require the services in order to determine the origin of the problem and the service most appropriate to meet their needs.

Due to the fact that some physical problems in the elderly mimic psychiatric disorders, collaboration and communication with physical medicine and geriatric medicine is necessary, especially in the diagnostic phase and for purposes of ongoing management.

Geriatric Mental Health Team

Geriatric Mental Health Team members provide assessment and short term intervention to persons over the age of 65 years who are experiencing mental health problems. The Team may provide consultation, supportive counseling for the person and/or family and monitor the impact of recommended interventions.

Referrals to the Geriatric Program Assessment Team (GPAT) and Geriatric Mental Health Team (GMHT) can be made by a physician, a health care professional, family member or by the person.

Central Intake Line: 204-982-0140

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