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Self and Family Managed Care

What is self/family managed care (SFMC)?

The Self/Family Managed Care program is an option offered by the WRHA Home Care Program. It consists of two sub-options:

Self Managed Care enables clients with assessed Home Care needs to accept full responsibility for their personal care as Self Managers. Individuals who choose this option rather than receiving their services through the regular WRHA Home Care Program are responsible for coordinating, managing, and directing the non-professional services they need to continue living at home and in the community.

Family Managed Care enables the families of clients with assessed Home Care needs to accept full responsibility for their family member as a Family Manager. The Family Manager who chooses this option for meeting their family member's needs is responsible for coordinating, managing, and directing the non-professional services needed by their family member to continue living at home and in the community.

To be eligible for Home Care/SFMC Individuals must:

  • be a Manitoba resident
  • registered with Manitoba Health
  • require health services or assistance with the activities of daily living
  • require service to remain safely in their homes
  • require more assistance than is available from existing supports and community resources.

How Do I Apply For Self and Family Managed Care (SFMC)?

  • To apply for the SFMC Program you or your family member need to be a client of the WHRA Home Care Program and be eligible to receive Home Care attendant/homemaker services. If you or your family member is already receiving services from the WRHA Home Care Program, contact your Home Care Case Coordinator to discuss your interest in SFMC and whether SFMC is an appropriate resource for you or your family member.
  • If you or your family member is not a client of WRHA Home Care and would like to determine eligibility for WRHA Home Care services; please call the WRHA Home Care Intake Line at 204-788-8330.

For more information about home care services please visit:

Key Points about WRHA SFMC Program

  • Self/Family Managers will receive funding to either purchase services or to employ staff following the completion of a formal assessment and a signed contract with the WRHA.
  • Self/Family Managers are expected to use those funds to employ staff, or an agency, to meet the assessed care needs.
  • An assessment by a WRHA Home Care Case Coordinator will determine the type, and amount, of service needed according to the standards applicable to the WRHA Home Care Program. This assessment will determine the amount of funding received by the Self or Family Manager.
  • A reassessment will be conducted on a regular basis by a WRHA Home Care Case Coordinator; at the request of the client or family member; or when the level of assistance required by the client changes.  This will enable adjustments to be made as the need for services increases or decreases.
  • Clients in SFMC remain eligible for Home Care's professional services such as Nursing and Community Therapy Services.
  • In the event of a violation of the SFMC contractual agreement, the contract with the WRHA Self/Family Managed Care Program may be terminated and alternate WRHA Home Care services will be arranged dependent on eligibility.
  • The responsibility of ensuring backup services will be the responsibility of the Self/Family Manager.
  • The Self/Family Manager will arrange to meet the needs of the client in accordance with the WRHA SFMC contract.
  • All Self/Family Managers will be required to set up and maintain a separate bank account. This account is used solely for receiving and expending Self/Family Managed Care funds and will be subject to semi-annual reports and audit reviews by the WRHA.
  • As per Manitoba Health and Healthy Living policy, hiring of family members is not allowed except in unique circumstances and with the approval of the Director of Home Care (WRHA).
  • As per provincial policy of the department of Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living. a one year enrollment in Home Care may be required if there are concerns of care or client instability.
  • As a Self/Family Manager you may choose to hire an agency to provide the funded home care services or you may choose to directly employ your own staff. If you choose to employ staff as a Self/Family Manager you take on full responsibilities as an employer including: Registering with Canada Revenue Agency, Employment Insurance, Workers Compensation, making required payroll deductions etc. A payroll company may be hired to assist with these employer obligations. Alternatively, you may choose to engage a personal care agency to provide the care.
  • The Independent Living Resource Centre (ILRC) is a consumer-based organization able to provide information and support for Self/Family Managers who have, or are caring for a family member with a disability. ILRC can be contacted at 204-947-0194 or

WRHA Self and Family Managed Care and Independent Living Resource Centre (ILRC)

ILRC is a community agency that is available to support citizens with disabilities to successfully apply for, and maintain enrollment in, the WRHA Self/Family Managed Care Program.

ILRC is available to provide individual consultations and group training on staffing, budgeting and administration for Self/Family Managers from the disabilities community.

ILRC also offers a peer support network for Self/Family Managers.

To learn more about ILRC and their services; including the Peer Support Network contact:

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