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Integrated Tuberculosis (TB) Services

WRHA Integrated Tuberculosis Services (ITBS) should be viewed as a continuum rather than two extremes of integrated/not integrated.  Integration is about the organization of various multi-stakeholder tasks and structures in order to provide excellent quality health care services to patients/families and communities who are or might be affected by tuberculosis.

ITBS is the organizational structure through which the various key stakeholders manage and deliver TB health services so that clients receive a continuum of preventive and curative services, according to their needs over time and across different levels of the health system.  ITBS collectively builds on the existing expertise of those involved in TB care to further define and develop a system of excellence in TB care.

We recognize that quality care is much more than just "clinical care".  Systems of excellence are designed to maximize resources while considering broader components such as the patient experience, care coordination, equity of access and the impact of determinants of health.  Key stakeholders and long-standing partnerships within and beyond the health care sector are critical to the goal of achieving a reduction in the spread of and eventual elimination of tuberculosis.

Vision and Mission

Strategic Priorities and Areas of Focus

Organization and Program Structures

Committees & Related Guidance Documents

Care Spectrum

Provincial/National Standards and Protocols

TB Reports


Education and Resources


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