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Prehabilitation Services

Prehabilitation (Prehab) is a health care program to improve your health and daily functioning while you prepare for your hip or knee joint replacement surgery.

How does this differ from the education classes through the Joint Replacement Resource Centre?

The Prehab Clinic provides one on one assessment with various members of the health care team to address your specific needs prior to your joint replacement surgery. The Joint Replacement Resource Centre provides generalized information in a group format.

How do I get referred to Prehab?

A referral to Prehab is based on surgeon referral primarily. During your consult visit with your orthopedic surgeon, they may choose to refer you to members of the Prehab team based on issues discussed and areas they feel can be optimized prior to your surgery. You can also express your own interest in these services if you have specific concerns regarding your preparation for surgery.

What will I do in Prehab?

Areas covered in your Prehab program may include improving exercise tolerance and strength, improving nutrition for healing and weight loss, increasing your ability to manage daily activities, pain management, smoking cessation, and optimizing mental well-being and social supports. These factors may lead to a faster recovery from your surgery and potentially decrease complications. The Prehab team will work as a unit to plan a program that best suits your needs.

What disciplines are available through Prehab?

The Prehab team includes a nurse, social worker, dietitian, occupational therapist and physiotherapist.

For more information, please contact the Prehab Clinic at 204-926-1210.

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