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Graphic: 2023-2028 WRHA Strategic Plan

Performance Measure

Emergency / Urgent Care Wait Times – Median

What it measures: This is the time between the earlier stage of triage or registration, and the physician's initial assessment. Median represents the middle wait time recorded from all of the wait times experienced through the reporting period.

Why it's important: Time is a crucial indicator of patient care outcomes and care delivery effectiveness. A lower median wait time is desired because it indicates half of patients presenting to Emergency / Urgent Care waited less than this time to be seen by a physician.

How it's calculated: Registration/Triage time minus the time of initial physician assessment. The median is obtained by ordering all wait times from least to greatest and then identifies the wait time number in the exact middle of the dataset.

Frequency of Reporting: Quarterly

Note: Provincial target to be confirmed for 23/24

Excludes Health Sciences Centre (operated by Shared Health)

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Monthly Performance

October 2023

4.40 hrs

November 2023

4.35 hrs

December 2023

4.85 hrs

12-Month Performance Trend

Excludes Health Sciences Centre, including Adult & Children’s Emergency Departments

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Historical Performance

1.8 hrs2.1 hrs1.4 hrs2.4 hrs3.3 hrs

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