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Graphic: 2023-2028 WRHA Strategic Plan

Performance Measure

Sector Expenditure Ratios

What it measures: The percentage of health care operational costs spent on Acute Care, Community Health Services, Continuing Care and Medical Remuneration.

  • Acute Care: includes care for treatment of a disease or health episode primarily delivered in hospitals (e.g. Emergency, Critical Care, Inpatient Medicine)
  • Community Health Services: includes delivery of public health, home care, primary care and select social/community programs funded by the WRHA
  • Continuing Care: provides a continuum of medical and social services to support the needs of people living with chronic health problems, including personal care homes
  • Medical Remuneration: The amount paid to physicians, either through physician claims to Manitoba Health or salaries.

Why it's important: Monitoring where health care operational costs are being allocated indicates when adjustments and action plans are required to support clinical activities. Higher percentages indicate a larger portion of expenditures are incurred in that particular sector, while lower percentages indicate a smaller portion of expenditures are incurred in the sector.

How it's calculated:

How the Sector Expenditure Ratios are calculated

Frequency of Reporting: Annually

Annual Performance (2022/23)

Acute Care


Community Health Services


Continuing Care


Medical Remuneration


Annual Performance Trend

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