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Hospital pharmacists have moved from behind the counter

Monday, March 29, 2021 – Many of us tend to think of pharmacists as the people in white lab coats who fulfill our prescriptions from behind a counter. While that is still largely true for the pharmacists we depend on in our local drug stores, the role of a hospital pharmacist is broader, more collaborative, and plays an important part in overall patient safety and care.

Therapeutic Recreation an important part of pandemic response

February 8, 2021 – If you're feeling – and let's face it, we all are – that the COVID-19 pandemic is cramping your style, imagine what it's like for residents in the province's many long-term care facilities. Thankfully, these residents have a valuable ally: recreational coordinators and facilitators.

Mental Health and Bell Let's Talk Day 2021

January 28, 2021 – COVID-19 has challenged all Manitobans in a variety of ways, limiting social interaction, impacting financial stability and requiring many to take on increased workload and responsibilities as part of the pandemic response. Recognizing your individual stressors, making time to practice self care and ensuring support is available to those who may need it are more important than ever.

Staff and patient safety go hand in hand

October 26, 2020 – Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, an overarching message of "we're all in this together" has helped foster a much-needed sense of shared responsibility in limiting the spread of the virus.

Patient transport in Churchill focused on patient safety, care

October 26, 2020 – For most people in Manitoba - especially those who live in the south, in or near larger population centres - transportation to and from medical care isn't much of a hurdle. For residents of remote communities in the north of the province, however, accessing medical care and expertise can pose a significant logistical challenge.

Creativity supports end-of-life care

October 26, 2020 – Since COVID-19 first started to impose restrictions on regular patient visits in the spring of 2020, many health providers have needed to look at alternative options to continue to provide safe, regular health services to those in the community.

Clean hands; clean chart

October 26, 2020 – Imagine using a method of contraceptive with only a 78 per cent success rate, or a home cleaning product that killed 78 per cent of bacteria - unacceptable right?

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