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Ethics Services offers a number of workshops and educational opportunities as part of our capacity building strategy. Each of these workshops can also be tailored to a specific group or area, so if you have a need for a specific kind of ethics education event, please contact us.

We also offer other ethics capacity building opportunities, including workshops and presentations that can be customized from 30 minutes to a full day.

Workshops are free to staff and physicians in the region. We regularly schedule the following workshops:

Introduction to Health Ethics

Introduction to Health Ethics is offered via in person and online formats. It is an interactive experience designed for staff interested in the integration of ethics into clinical practice. It is a basic introduction to the principles, theories and concepts in health ethics, intended for staff working in clinical roles. Most examples used will be relevant to those working at the bedside.

Moral Distress Workshop

Moral distress occurs when one understands the ethically right thing to do but is prevented from doing it by some barrier or circumstance. This can have damaging effects on health care providers who experience it. In this interactive, one-day workshop, participants will explore and define moral distress; examine a model for healing/building resilience; develop insight into reactions to emotional distress; recognize signs of moral distress; and learn techniques for managing distress.

Ethics in Health Care Leadership

Currently offered as a 3-hour workshop through OSD's New Manager Boot Camp, but is available to other groups upon request. This workshop looks at the ethical decisions that managers and other health care leaders face, and provides opportunities to network and use the WRHA Health Care Ethics Guide.

Shades of Grey in Community Health

This 3-hour workshop, offered throughout the year, focuses on managing the unique ethical decisions that arise in community health settings. At this event, you will: explore difficult ethical situations; work with tools to support ethical decision making; discuss the concept of moral distress; learn ways to build resilience in responding to ethical challenges.

Developing Your Ethics Committee

This new half-day workshop, offered as requested, is designed for groups who are developing an ethics committee at their site, with activities to help them develop their work plans and get up and running. There is some pre-work required to prepare for the workshop, and afterwards, participants are encouraged to maintain connections and networking opportunities afterwards.

Your Ethics Toolkit

This is a half-day workshop, run approximately twice a year, to train people in the use of the Ethics Guides. Participants should come with a particular ethical question or decision they would like to work on. They will be introduced to the WRHA Ethics Decision Guides, and other tools, resources, strategies and supports. They will have the opportunity to work through their problem using the Decision Guide. At the end of the workshop, participants will have a plan for addressing their question, as well as tools and resources for use with other ethical decisions they may encounter in their work or personal life.