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Home » Ethics Services » Why is Ethics Important?

Why is Ethics Important?

We are all important to the creation of an ethical health care organization.  People in all corners of the organization work to make ethical choices all the time. Our task is to ensure that all of our work, whatever we do, is aligned with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s Strategic Plan.

This means we integrate ethics in every interaction, process, and policy. We make decisions based on as much information as possible, considered carefully and fairly, and in collaboration with those who will be affected by them. We strive for an organization where the people we serve, and everyone working here, feels confident that they will be treated fairly, and with the utmost dignity and respect.

Accreditation Canada, our accrediting body, feels strongly about ethics. That is why they have made it a major expectation under the standards we must meet.

Integrating ethics into our work is a critical part of providing high quality, safe care. Ethics is part of everyone's job description. That's why we have developed tools and resources for all members of the health-care team to use when facing an ethical dilemma. See the Decision Making GuidesEthics Resources or contact us for more information.

Documents on this site are available in alternative formats upon request. Please contact [email protected] for more information.