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Home » Genetics and Metabolism » General Genetics

General Genetics

A general genetics consultation involves the assessment, diagnosis, management and genetic counselling of children and adults and/or their families for a variety of reasons.

The referrals may be initiated due to the presence or family history of birth defects, developmental disabilities, and suspected or confirmed hereditary diseases. This service works closely with the laboratory services and other clinical programs within the Winnipeg Health Region and the Province of Manitoba.

Referrals come from all medical specialists, family doctors and nurse practitioners. A decision on whether the patient should be seen as a priority is made by the team, and appointments are mailed out. The genetics team decides whether the individual will be seen by a medical geneticist or by a genetic counsellor. Prior to patients being seen, a family history form is sent to the individuals referred to be completed and returned. Requests for information may be sent to families to obtain medical information required prior to the consultation.

During the consultation, the medical and family histories are reviewed. Often a physical examination may be performed. A decision is made about the possibility of genetic testing and genetic counselling is often provided on this visit. Information on the specific condition in the individual or family is provided at this time. Referrals to other specialists are sometimes required and are arranged after the visit. A follow-up visit to genetics will be arranged if there is a need to review results of testing, to provide further genetic counselling, or to see in follow-up.

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