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Research Access & Approval Process

All research involving humans (including) staff performed in WRHA related facilities, programs or services must seek and obtain approval from one of the Research Ethics Boards (REBs) constituted by the University of Manitoba.  WRHA employees, those individuals with written contracts for services and individuals who are governed by individual bylaws can submit proposals to the Human REBs in the Faculty of Medicine, even in the absence of an affiliation with the University of Manitoba.  In some instances (e.g. graduate student doing a degree in an institution outside Manitoba), the approval of a REB from another recognized institution will be accepted at the discretion of the WRHA, Executive Director of Research.  Criteria for such an exemption would be "minimal risk" projects qualifying for expedited review by a REB.  Any study with more than minimal risk must have University of Manitoba REB approval.

In addition, all research involving humans performed in WRHA related facilities, programs or services must also seek and receive approval from the relevant Institutional Review/Impact Committees.  This committee assesses the impact of the proposed research on WRHA resources, and ensures that WRHA standards regarding privacy and confidentiality are addressed.

If the research is to be conducted in a WRHA facility, program or service not covered by another Research Review committee, research projects must seek and receive approval from the WRHA Research Review Committee.

It is expected that all quality improvement / program evaluation activities are conducted according to ethical principles. Not all quality improvement / program evaluation activities are, however, required to submit a proposal to the HREB or WRHA Research Review Committee. If you have any questions regarding the WRHA Research Review Committee, please contact Judy Dyrland at 204-926-7034 or by email at [email protected]. Judy is the Coordinator for the WRHA Research Review Committee and looks after all incoming research applications and submissions.

For general ethics issues unrelated to research please contact the WRHA Ethics Services.