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Community Health Assessment

A Community Health Assessment is "a dynamic, ongoing process undertaken to identify the strengths and needs of the Health Assessment community, enable the community-wide establishment of health priorities and facilitate collaborative action planning directed at improving community health status and quality of life" (Government of Manitoba, 2019).

The Community Health Assessment (CHA) plays a key role in helping us engage with the public in a shared effort to improve the health of everyone in the Winnipeg Health Region. It serves as an important information resource for the many health, wellness and community development organizations and programs.

How often is a Community Heath Assessment completed?

In Manitoba, it is provincially mandated that each health region complete a Community Health Assessment once every five years.

When was the most recent Community Heath Assessment completed?

The most recent Community Health Assessment was completed in 2019.

Previous reports:

What is the Community Health Assessment Network (CHAN)?

CHAN enables a coordinated approach to province-wide comparability on health issues within health regions, while recognizing the diversity among them. CHAN is a provincially coordinated, collaborative group comprised of representatives from:

  • Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living
  • Department of Education (Healthy Child MB)
  • Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP)
  • George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI)
  • Service Delivery Organizations:
    • Shared Health/ Soins communs
    • CancerCare Manitoba
    • Addictions Foundation of Manitoba
    • Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority
    • Northern Health Region
    • Prairie Mountain Health
    • Southern Health-Santé Sud
    • Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

How does 2019 CHA differ from previous CHAs?

For the 2019 CHA, all five Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) in Manitoba collaborated to produce CHA reports using a common template to allow for easier comparison of population health indicators across the province. While regional CHA reports will have a similar look, the content reflects findings unique to each health region. New to CHA reports for 2019 are story boxes called "A Closer Look" which provide additional regional content.

What is the role of the Evaluation Platform, George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI)?

The Centre for Healthcare Innovation is a partnership between Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and the University of Manitoba. It has seven platforms which collaborate with clinicians, researchers, leadership and policy makers to generate and apply patient-oriented research in the health system and health policy environments. CHI's Evaluation platform helps to improve health services for Manitobans by offering healthcare leaders the evidence and solutions they need. The Evaluation Platform leads the following CHA activities in the Winnipeg Health Region (WHR):

  • developing CHA processes in collaboration with WRHA stakeholders (e.g. Medical Officers of Health, Program Teams);
  • gathering appropriate evidence to assess the health status of the population;
  • facilitating appropriate use of data on socio-economic, cultural and community-based factors that influence health and people’s experiences with health care;
  • developing partnerships across the WHR;
  • promoting community participation and engagement;
  • building capacity for interpreting and using data for the purposes of identifying health issues and planning;
  • producing the WRHA's CHA comprehensive report;
  • preparing Community Area Profiles; and
  • collaborating with other RHAs through membership in Manitoba’s Community Health Assessment Network (CHAN)

Community Area Profiles

To view all thirteen 2020 Community Area Profiles, please click here.

Where would I found additional information related to the CHA process?