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Regional Policies

Disclaimer: Please be advised that printed versions of any policy, or policies posted on external web pages, may not be the most current version of the policy. Although we make every effort to ensure that all information is accurate and complete, policies are regularly under review and in the process of being amended and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of printed policies or policies on external web pages. At any given time the most current version of any WRHA policy will be deemed to apply. Users should verify that any policy is the most current policy before acting on it. For the most up to date version of any policy please call 204-926-7000 and ask for the Regional Policy Chair's office.

Rules & Regulations: Privacy / Confidentiality

10.40.020 Confidentiality of Personal Health Information (PDF, 93 KB)

10.40.040 Access to Personal Health Information (PDF, 165 KB)

10.40.050 Access to, Disclosure of and Corrections to the Clinical Record under the Mental Health Act (PDF, 150 KB)

10.40.060 Audit of Security Safeguards (PDF, 32 KB)

10.40.070 Collection of Personal Health Information (PDF, 97 KB)

10.40.080 Correction of Personal Health Information (PDF, 167 KB)

10.40.090 Disposal of Confidential Material, Including Personal Health Information (PDF, 35 KB)

10.40.100 Use of Personal Health Information (PDF, 81 KB)

10.40.105 Consent to Use or Disclosure of Personal Health Information (PDF, 100 KB)

10.40.110 Reporting and Investigating Privacy Breaches and Complaints (PDF, 278 KB)

10.40.120 Security and Storage of Personal Health Information (PDF, 179 KB)

10.40.130 Transmission of Personal Health Information Via Facsimile (PDF, 76 KB)

10.40.140 Disclosure of Personal Health Information to Police (PDF, 93 KB)

10.40.141 Disclosure of Personal Health Information Without Consent (PDF, 69 KB)

10.40.142 Disclosure of Personal Health Information Requested for Legal Proceedings (PDF, 63 KB)

10.40.143 Disclosure of Personal Health Information to Religious Organizations (PDF, 59 KB)

10.40.144 Disclosure of Personal Health Information for Health Research (PDF, 50 KB)

10.40.145 Disclosure of Information to Affiliated Foundations (PDF, 85 KB)

10.40.150 Personal Health Information Disclosure Due to Risk of Serious Harm (PDF, 387 KB)

10.40.170 Privacy of Personal Information Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (PDF, 73 KB)

10.40.190 Access to Information Under The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (PDF, 75 KB)

10.40.200 Correction of Personal Information under The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (PDF, 65 KB)

Human Resources: Standards of Conduct

Human Resources: Workplace Safety & Health

Human Resources: Recruitment & Hiring Practices

Human Resources: Resignation & Retirement

20.70.010 Exit Interviews (PDF, 369 KB)


30.10.130 Purchasing (PDF, 80 KB)

Contingency Planning

Security & Protection Services

Patient / Client / Resident Services