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Home » Health Equity » Tools for Providing Care

Tools for Providing Care

211 Manitoba This searchable online database lists government, health, and social services that are available across the province. Services are grouped together into categories that include food and clothing, housing and homelessness, health, mental health, employment, newcomers, children and parenting, and youth.

Manitoba Get Your Benefits The tools on this website have been adapted for use in Manitoba by a group of interested physicians and health-care providers to assist primary care providers understand and address poverty as a risk to their patients’ health.

Mental Health Resource Guide for Winnipeg  The Canadian Mental Health Association Manitoba and Winnipeg publishes the Mental Health Resource Guide for Winnipeg.

Family Doctor Finder Support clients find a family doctor or nurse practitioner who can provide a home base for their health care needs.

Dignity in Care Tools developed to support health care practitioners address people's needs. The Patient Dignity Question, "What do I need to know about you as a person to give you the best care possible?" can identify issues and stressors that may be important to consider when planning and delivering someone's care and treatment.

Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre A source for advice and support to promote trauma informed relationships and practice.

What Can I Do? (PDF, 34 KB) This two-page document emphasizes various actions that can be taken by clinicians within the health-care system to promote health equity.

WRHA Indigenous Health Services provides patient services for Indigenous people receiving medical care in Winnipeg, including language interpretation, resource coordination, discharge planning and coordination, advocacy and spiritual/cultural care.

WRHA Language Access Interpreter Services employs or contracts qualified interpreters who provide services in many languages to reduce risks associated with language barriers.

WRHA Public and Patient Engagement actively seeking out the experiences, opinions, and ideas of members of the public, patients and family members to improve the health care services system and health at the neighbourhood level in communities.