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Reports & Evidence

Chief Provincial Public Health Officer Position Statement on Health Equity (2018) The Chief Provincial Public Health Officer (CPPHO) of Manitoba recognizes health gaps and outlines how improvements in can be realized by reducing the excess burden of ill health among socially and economically disadvantaged populations through policy, program and service decision-making at all levels.

WRHA Community Health Assessment The Community Health Assessment serves as an important information resource for the many organizations and programs associated with health, wellness and community development. It plays a key role in helping us engage with the public in a shared effort to improve the health for everyone in the Winnipeg Health Region.

Manitoba Collaborative Data Portal An online resource that provides a knowledge base to promote evidence informed community discussion, planning and action to maximize health equity, social justice, public accountability and environmental sustainability. Find interactive web maps; knowledge portals on a variety of public health topics; online tools supplementing the 2019 Community Health Assessment; links to local and national data resources and more.

Local Health Involvement Groups LHIG reports are an opportunity for WRHA leadership to hear how health system issues are perceived by community members. In 2016, the Local Health Involvement Groups explored the topic of “The Ethics of Equity and Sustainability” (summary report; full report).

Health Equity in the Region Survey Results (2016) To find out how WRHA employees understand and incorporate equity into their everyday practice, an online survey was created and disseminated from July to September 2016. This report summarizes the findings of the staff survey.

“The Ethics of Equity and Sustainability” Local Health Involvement Groups (Summary) (2016) This report summarizes consultations held with the Local Health Involvement Groups about building a more equitable health care system, including the potential reallocation of existing resources to better align services with the needs of the population. The input provides an opportunity for the WRHA Board and staff to hear broad public perspectives on equity using an ethical lens; areas of agreement and support; as well as questions and concerns about potential approaches to promoting equity. A full report is also available.

A Framework for Understanding Health Equity (2015) This diagram, updated in 2015, shows the key themes organized into principles, strategies, and areas of action that help understand the scope, governance and activity within the health equity envelope.

Our City: A Peg Report on Health Equity (2015) The WRHA partnered with Peg and the Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council to show how large gaps in health result from differences in social and economic circumstances. The majority of the data used in the report is the same data as in the 2014 Community Health Assessment. The data can help call attention and further inspire collective action.

Health for All Activity Summary (2015) This one-page summary describes WRHA's Health for All vision, current situation, commitments, activities and intended outcomes of health equity promotion efforts in the region.

Health for All: Building Winnipeg's Health Equity Action Plan (2013) This report lays a foundation upon which we can collectively build Winnipeg's health equity action plan. It is intended to facilitate collaborative conversations so that together, we can move towards achieving greater health equity in Winnipeg. We need to set Health for All "stretch goals" and boldly reach towards them. This conversation needs many voices. Please join in.

Health Equity Glossary of Terms (2012) The purpose of the glossary is to support continued work in this area and ensure that there is a common working understanding and consistent use of terminology within the Winnipeg Health Region. It is a continually evolving document that may be updated over time.

WRHA Health Equity Recommendations Synthesis (2012) This report presents the methods and findings of a structured review of health equity promotion recommendations. It explains how the health equity model was derived, as well as the basis for the ‘considerations for action' described in the Health for All report. Its findings may be of assistance to groups undertaking their own local health equity planning.