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Public & Patient Engagement

Our health care system works best when we listen to and learn from patients, family members, and the public.

  • We need to know what is important to have a good experience and good outcomes;
  • We need to know what your priorities are and your ideas for how we can achieve them together;
  • We need our health care system to meet the changing needs of people from across Winnipeg, and;
  • We need to know what we can do better to support people to access services and have their needs addressed.

How will we know the answers to these questions? By engaging patients and the public.

You can be part of this. There are many ways. If you're invited, take a few minutes to complete a survey and let us know how we did. Attend a focus group or a community consultation. Or, apply to be on an on-going advisory group.

For over 17 years, members of the public, patients, and family members have been involved in sharing their experiences, opinions, and ideas about health care services and overall strategies.

Engagement refers to actively seeking out the insights and advice of our most important stakeholders – community members, patients, residents, clients, and their families.

We continue to learn and improve how we deliver care because of the involvement and commitment of so many engagement volunteers over the years. Engagement also includes community development, where community members identify issues that are important to them and work collaboratively to address issues and develop programs in their own neighbourhoods.

Here are some of the opportunities to get engaged with us! Click on the links to learn more and for on-line applications.

Emergency Department Patient Advisory Council
Work with us to improve processes in emergency departments across the Winnipeg health region.

Local Health Involvement Groups
Community members explore and provide advice on high level health system and policy issues.

Palliative, Primary and Home Health Services Advisory Council
Bringing forward the perspectives of those receiving palliative care, primary care, and home care services allowing for greater collaboration between care providers from different areas of the health system, enabling joint care planning and decision making.

Ethics Council Public Engagement Group
Clients and family members explore ethics-related considerations of high-level health system and policy issues.

Long Term Care Advisory Council
Residents and family members provide advice to Long Term Care Program.

Mental Health Advisory Council
Clients and family members provide advice to Adult Mental Health Program.

Patient and Family Advisory Council
Patients and family members explore and provide advice on delivery of care issues.

For more information on our advisory groups, call Colleen Schneider at 204-803-7294 or via email at

If you would like information on opportunities to get involved with community development activities in your neighbourhood, please get in touch with one of our community facilitators.

If you are not sure who to contact, please call or email Madeline Kohut at 204-940-8574 or at

For information on volunteering at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, visit our volunteer website or contact Suzie McLeod at 204 787-7247 or

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