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Early Cognitive Change Clinic for Older Adults

ECCCOA is a program for assessment and group intervention for older adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and their family member/significant other (i.e., "program partner").

The ASSESSMENT process involves one 2.5-hour visit in which the patient is evaluated by a Clinical Neuropsychologist and the patient's program partner meets with a Clinical Geropsychologist. A feedback session will be held within two to three weeks of the assessment to review the assessment results and discuss group eligibility.

The INTERVENTION process (i.e., Memory Partners group) consists of 8 weekly 2-hour group sessions involving the patient and his/her program partner. The sessions emphasize education regarding MCI, memory, and mood. Participants will also learn practical cognitive and lifestyle strategies to improve everyday memory and help maintain brain health. Additionally, caregiver support and education are provided.

Who should be referred to ECCCOA?

Patients aged 60 years and older with memory complaints (by self-report or family member report)

MMSE ≥ 25 or MOCA ≥ 21 (as individuals with dementia are unlikely to benefit from the Partners in Memory group, referrals for patients with a MOCA score < 19 will not be accepted to the ECCCOA waiting list, even if the MMSE is ≥ 25)

Key Provider(s)

Dr. Lesley Koven
St. Boniface Hospital

Dr. Colleen Millikin
St. BonifaceHospital


St. Boniface Hospital
Phone: 204-237-2979
Fax: 204-237-9243


Wait time for assessment appointments is typically 6 to 7 months. Assessments are held on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Memory Partners group is run approximately three times a year on Monday afternoons.

Referral process

Referrals from health care professionals are required. Click here for the ECCCOA referral form.