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Referral Information

Referrals are accepted directly from WRHA Program service teams and primary care or specialist physicians in the community.

The Clinical Health Psychology Program supports the WRHA’s health care model in which the primary care clinician (often the family physician) is the coordinator of needed health-care services. Therefore, it is preferred that referrals be initiated by a family physician (or copied to the family physician for their information).

Referrals from physicians and service teams may be directed to a specific psychology service or to a specific specialist psychologist. More information regarding site-specific services and contact instructions is available on this website. These sections also include addresses and fax instructions regarding referrals. Psychology services can be accessed through:

Grace Hospital
Phone: 204-837-0319
Fax: 204837-0407

Health Sciences Centre
Phone: 204-787-7424
Fax: 204-787-3755

St Boniface Hospital
Phone: 204-237-2979
Fax: 204-237-9243

Victoria General Hospital
Phone: 204-477-3119
Fax: 204-269-7619

If you are unsure to whom you should direct a referral, it may be faxed or mailed to the address below and it will the be re-directed to the appropriate service:

Clinical Health Psychology Program
PZ350 – 771 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3E 3N4
Fax: 204-787-3755

Different services have different waiting lists and you will be informed as to the availability of that service normally within a couple of weeks. Where possible, referrals will be directed to areas with the fastest response capability.

Referrals are accepted in letter format or by using consultation forms.

Referral Form