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Home » Uncertified Home Care Attendant Training Program

Uncertified Home Care Attendant Training Program

Get paid to LEARN.

Take the first step toward a rewarding career in health care! Become an Uncertified Home Care Attendant in just 4 weeks.

Next Start Dates: October 16, October 23, October 30



In-Class & Practicum



4 Weeks




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Why Home Care?

As an Uncertified Home Care Attendant (UHCA), you will work with individuals in the comfort of their own homes. You help people live independently by assisting with activities of daily living such as personal care (bathing/toileting), mobility and transfer assistance, meal planning and preparation, medication assistance, housekeeping and laundry, and in-home respite services.

Home care is rewarding and important work that allows someone to stay in the environment in which they are most comfortable. Our program teaches you the skills you need to provide person-centered care and improve the daily life for your clients.

Learn more about home care in the Winnipeg Health Region.

What We Offer You


Paid Training

Students earn $19.50/hour during the full-time training program.


Job Stability

Guaranteed job placement in a high-demand field.



Full-time and part-time job placement opportunities available.


Fast-Track Learning

Our 4-week training program gets you ready for work fast!


Diverse Environment

Friendly learning environment including all ages and backgrounds.


Skill Development

Learn skills to provide person-centred care and make a difference.

Learning Experience

You will learn about routine practices to maintain a safe and sanitary environment, proper ergonomics and fall prevention, safe client handling, lifts and transfers using a variety of techniques, dignity in care, mental health, communication and more.

Our skilled instructors will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed as an Uncertified Home Care Attendant. As a student, you will participate in full-time, hands-on and classroom learning, followed by a practicum in the community.

Learn more about the training program.

Hear from Our Program Graduates!

Elizabeth Vokey, UHCA Training Program Graduate

Building a New Career Path

I am 60 years young, born and raised in Winnipeg. Over the years, I’ve worn many career hats, living in various places across Canada and overseas. When I reached my mid-50s and left the hotel industry, I felt a deep desire to give back and contribute to society’s well-being. With an aging population in mind, home care seemed to be a perfect fit. However, I could only apply for a Home Support Worker position due to my lack of training.

Fortunately, joining the WRHA team was a game-changer. With their Uncertified Home Care Attendant paid training program, I was able to fulfill my dream of giving back. The program provided incredible opportunities, including fair starting wages, full pay during training, guidance from professional nurses and occupational therapists, and a guaranteed job in the community with potential for advancement.

Being trained by the nurses was the icing on the cake. They were tough taskmasters, but their unlimited patience and encouragement helped us perform tasks with 200% confidence. Now, I have a deeper understanding and improved skills to do an outstanding job, benefiting not only me but also my clients and the organization.

The training program also improved my quality of life, as I’ve implemented safe practices at home and learned proper wound care and kitchen sanitization. The occupational therapists’ tips on using proper body mechanics have been invaluable as well, making this job achievable and not strenuous, even at 60 years old.

Having a Resource Coordinator with 30 years of experience with the WRHA has been a blessing. Her direction and knowledge are priceless tools I gladly carry in my tool belt.

The best part of this job is connecting with and helping my community face their challenges with respect and dignity in the comfort of their homes.

I wholeheartedly recommend this job to everyone, regardless of age, as long as you’re physically fit. I am forever grateful to WRHA for providing me with this incredible opportunity.

— Elizabeth Vokey, UHCA Training Program Graduate

Adejuwon (Juwon) Otelaja, UHCA Training Program Graduate

Finding Fulfillment in Home Care

In May 2023, I joined WRHA Home Care after completing the UHCA training program at Deer Lodge Centre. Before that, I worked as an Uncertified Health Care Aide with Shared Health. The dynamic nature of home care and the freedom to drive around reminded me of my previous role as a medical representative in Nigeria, which inspired me to apply for the UHCA training program.

The training experience was exciting, with ongoing assessments keeping me on my toes. The instructors were patient and supportive, creating a comfortable environment while emphasizing firm expectations for graduation. The practical sessions were particularly interesting, especially when our instructors portrayed clients; the dramatization and humour added a light-hearted touch. What impressed me the most was the program’s comprehensiveness, with an excellent practice manual and dedicated instructors making the experience truly memorable. The training program, including in-class sessions, additional insights from my Resource Coordinator, and the ability to shadow senior colleagues, boosted my confidence and fully prepared me for success.

Interestingly, the skills I gained from the program proved applicable not only at work but also at home. As someone who previously didn’t know how to cook, I can now prepare meals for my wife and kids, bringing happiness to my family and making me feel more fulfilled as a husband and father.

The most rewarding aspect of working in home care is seeing the smiles on my clients’ faces. Their gratitude, sometimes only expressed through a tight handhold and a whisper of thank you, fills me with profound joy, knowing I’m making a positive difference in their lives.

If you have some experience and are seeking a great career opportunity, this program will prepare you with all the necessary skills for the tasks ahead.

I extend my thanks to the WRHA for providing such a fulfilling journey into the world of home care. If you’re seeking a rewarding career with the potential to make a significant impact on others’ lives, I encourage you to join the UHCA training program.

— Adejuwon (Juwon) Otelaja, UHCA Training Program Graduate

Recruitment Process

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Step 1

Visit our careers website, create your careers profile and complete an online application. Be sure to attach any applicable documents (resume, cover letter, etc.). After you apply, you will receive an email to confirm your application has been submitted. Need help creating your careers profile? Watch our tutorial.

Step 2

Your application, experience and qualifications will be reviewed and screened against the criteria laid out in the job posting. Only applicants who match our requirements will be contacted to outline the next step in the hiring process.

Step 3

Candidates whose qualifications match the job requirements are invited to participate in an interview with our team and asked to provide two work-related references. Interviewed candidates may be called upon to participate in a skills assessment.

Step 4

Candidates who pass the assessment and interviewing phase will select a permanent part-time or full-time Home Care Attendant position from a list of current vacancies.

Step 5

Congratulations! Successful candidates will receive an offer of employment for the position you selected. The offer of employment is conditional upon your successful completion of the Uncertified Home Care Attendant Program.

What You Need to Get Started

  • Recent experience in providing personal care to children, persons 65 years and older and/or those with disabilities is required
  • Previous experience with housekeeping, laundry and meal preparation is preferred
  • Minimum Grade 10 education, Manitoba standards, required
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must possess and maintain a valid full stage Manitoba Class 5 driver’s license or equivalent and personal access to a vehicle at the time of application
  • Current satisfactory Criminal Records Check (including Vulnerable Sector Search), Child Abuse Registry Check and Adult Abuse Registry Check

Are you ready to join a caring profession?

Are you currently working as an Uncertified Health Care Aide in Manitoba? Do you want to increase your employment opportunities and salary? Consider becoming certified as a Health Care Aide. Learn more about the UHCA Bridging Program here.

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