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Appointments for Follow-Up

When you are discharged, you may be informed that you will need to follow up with other specialists. A list of these specialists will be written for you on your discharge instructions, along with the contact numbers.

Do you need to follow-up with your primary care physician after discharge?

You should always follow-up with your primary care physician after discharge from the hospital. This will allow them to evaluate your recovery and response to treatment, and note any change in your condition or medications. Your chart will be updated to show any change in your medications. Always bring your medication list with you when you visit your doctor.

When should I call?

If an appointment hasn't been made for you before you leave the hospital, you will need to call your surgeon/physician the first day or two after discharge. This will allow the office time to schedule your appointment in the time frame requested by the physician.

Should I follow-up with all the specialists that saw me in the hospital?

At times you may have seen many physicians while in the hospital. You may be wondering if you need to follow-up with them upon discharge. If the physician feels they need to see you again, they will write an order as to when they would like to see you. At times, they may only need to see you if you have an additional problem concerning the area or symptom they were seeing you for. Anyone you are required to see will be listed, with their phone number, on your instructions when you leave the hospital.

What if I don't have a family doctor?

It's important for you to select a primary care physician so someone can be in charge of your care. If you need medications, you will need a primary care physician to write the prescriptions. Having a family physician may also save you unnecessary visits to the emergency room. There is an easy way for you and your family to find a family doctor or nurse practitioner with Manitoba’s Family Doctor Finder program.

Call 204-786-7111 or 1-866-690-8260 toll free or visit: