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Home » Population & Public Health » Service Areas » Healthy Sexuality & Harm Reduction

Healthy Sexuality & Harm Reduction

Our goal is to decrease the spread of sexually-transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs). We:

  • Provide testing, treatment, and counselling for STBBIs
  • Connect people to health and social services
  • Confidentially contact sexual and drug using partners
  • Provide supplies that keep people safe, including condoms, syringes, and safer crack use kits
  • Run safer sex campaigns
  • Deliver education to communities and health providers

We partner with community agencies to enhance our services. Our direct service team includes Outreach Workers and Public Health Nurses.

Contact Us

Main Floor, 496 Hargrave St.
Winnipeg MB R3A 0X7
(204) 940-2210

Connect with our mobile service: Street Connections (204-981-0742)

Our van drives around the city every evening except Sunday. We provide nursing services, distribute safer sex and safer drug use supplies, and perform other activities that reduce the spread of STBBIs.

Our schedule sometimes changes, but you can usually find us in the Point Douglas, Downtown, North End, and West End neighbourhoods between 6pm and midnight.

You can also find us during the day from Monday to Friday in our office on the main floor of 496 Hargrave St.


Condoms are always in style – A condom promotion campaign aimed at young women in Winnipeg aged 15-24 years. Includes information about birth control, safer sex, and an interactive map of condom distribution locations in Winnipeg.

Syphilis: Yep, it’s still a thing – Awareness campaign related to Winnipeg’s ongoing (2012-present) outbreak of infectious syphilis.

PIIPC stands for Partners in Inner-City Integrated Prenatal Care – The project is made up of three different initiatives that all aim to link families to services that support healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. One of these initiatives is the This Way to a Healthy Baby campaign.


Position Statement

For Health Care Professionals

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