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Clinical Audits

The Five W’s of an Audit


The Medical Audit & Analysis Team is part of the WRHA Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Unit.


Why an audit? To examine evidence based standards in practice which can:

  • Lead to improvements in patient care
  • Enhance the provision/organization of clinical services
  • Promote evidence based clinical changes
  • Promote effective use of resources
  • Assist in further internal and external education and training

An audit always will stand as a positive way of raising and achieving standards. It is never punitive or judgmental.


Each Clinical Program has a Standards Committee that submits the majority of audit requests to our team. We also receive requests from other programs/services within the WRHA for assistance and guidance for their audits.

“What” is audited is variable dependent upon the program and project lead’s needs.


The audit process starts with an idea generated from a clinical program or a clinician. That idea is developed through consultation and collaboration between the clinical lead and the audit team. The outcome is the analysis of data collected through the audit and results being presented to the lead for purposes of quality improvement. An audit and analysis from idea generation to executive summary, can vary widely in the length of time it takes to complete depending on the complexity and size of the study being undertaken.


Audits are completed across all sites within the WRHA.

Past & Current Audit Team Collaborations

  • Quality & Patient Safety Week
  • Med Rec and Accreditation Support
  • Choosing Wisely Manitoba: Appropriate Preoperative Diagnostic Testing
  • WRHA Standards Committee Support

For resource information and links, please contact Manager of Medical Audits & Analysis at [email protected].