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Health Management Group Program Guide


Ready to improve your health? Our programs can help, and they are FREE!

We offer a range of programs that can help you with specific health conditions. We also offer programs that can help you quit smoking, start exercising, or eat a healthy diet. Partners and supports persons are encouraged to attend as well.

If you are an adult who can speak English or French and you are ready to improve your health, our programs are for you.

Health Education Programs
Programs to help you quit smoking, eat healthy, start exercising, or manage a specific health condition.

Get Better Together
A 6-week self-management workshop for you to better manage any health condition. Learn and practice skills to manage symptoms, reduce fatigue, problem solve and set goals.

Community-Based Rehabilitation
Cardiac Rehabilitation is offered at 2 community locations for those with a heart condition. Pulmonary Rehabilitation is offered at 3 community locations for those with a lung condition.